American Whirlpool Reviews

American Whirlpool Reviews
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American Whirlpool hot tubs are produced by Maax Spas, a major player in the hot tub industry. With a great range of durable yet stylish designs to choose from, you will be sure to find a suitable model in their fabulous collection.

Continue reading to learn everything you'll need to know about American Whirlpool hot tubs and their most popular models before making your purchase decision.

Our Favorite American Whirlpool

982 Model Hot Tub

982 Model Hot Tub

  • 10 person capacity
  • 79 jets
  • Best large hot tub

472 Model Hot Tub

472 Model Hot Tub

  • 5 person capacity
  • 47 jets
  • Best mid-sized hot tub

151 Model Hot Tub

151 Model Hot Tub

  • 3 person capacity
  • 20 jets
  • Best plug-and-play spa

DM8 Model Swim Spa

DM8 Model Swim Spa

  • 8 person capacity
  • 37 jets
  • Best swim spa

Price Guide: How Much Does An American Whirlpool Spa Cost?

American Whirlpool doesn't list its prices on its website. Their hot tubs are sold through dealerships so prices vary between local dealers.

That being said, jetted whirlpool hot tubs in general, usually start at around $4,000 for more basic models and can reach over $16,000 for the luxury spas.

American Whirlpool also produces a range of swim spas. Swim spas are generally more expensive than hot tubs as they tend to be larger and require stronger pumps to create a swim current.

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What Are The Most Popular American Whirlpool Spas?

With a huge range of options to choose from, let's take a peek at some of the more popular models produced by American Whirlpool.

982 Model Hot Tub - Best Large Hot Tub

If you are after plenty of space this is the best hot tub. This huge hot tub can accommodate up to ten people and is not only ideal for entertaining but is a great choice if you are into fitness.

The rectangular 982 model measure 91" x 113" x 38" and holds 714 gallons of water as well as featuring a whopping seventy-nine jets which are powered by four pumps, for the ultimate hydrotherapy hot tub experience.

Relax and enjoy full-body immersion in one of the lounge seats or pick one of the many bucket-style seats for a soothing massage. There is also a Zone Therapy® seat with a comfort collar so you get a unique hydrotherapy experience.

If you are into exercising, this American Whirlpool hot tub model has plenty of space for working out and you can also get rowing oars and resistance band kits for that extra boost to your training.

This 240V model comes with a large number of standard features including a Gecko control panel, underwater LED lighting, drink holders, TheraMAAX jets, Northen Exposure® insulation system, ABS sealed base, a durable steel frame construction, and filtration system with cycles that are programmable.

The DuraMAAX Cabinetry is available in a choice of three colors for that natural wood look and the interior shell also has three different color options.

Upgrade extras for this excellent hot tub include a Bluetooth sound system so you can listen to your favorite music whilst enjoying the water, an X-Series® Collar, and the CleanZone® water sanitation system for almost drinking water quality clean.

472 Model Hot Tub - Best Mid-Sized Hot Tub

This fabulous mid-sized square-shaped hot tub measures 87" x 87" x 35" and holds 347 gallons of water. It is a great choice for a family as it can hold five people and delivers an excellent hydrotherapy hot tub experience.

This American Whirlpool hot tub has forty-seven jets in total. It has two lounge seats, one of which delivers targeted leg massages with its calf jet plus a Zone Therapy® bucket-style seat. It also comes with a Foot Relief Zone and Comfort Collar for ultimate relaxation.

Other standard features include two powerful dual-speed 3 horsepower pumps, plus many of the same features as the 982 model, a steel structure, Northern Exposure® insulation, ABS base, overheat/freeze protection, TheraMAAX jets, water feature, spa filter, LED lighting, Gecko control pack, drink holders, and more.

The DuraMAAX cabinet is available in three different color options whilst the interior hot tub shell comes in a selection of six fabulous colors. Upgrades for this American Whirlpool hot tub include pedestal lighting, X-Series Collar®, Bluetooth sound system, and the CleanZone® system.

151 Model Hot Tub - Best Plug-And-Play Spa

If you have limited space or a small budget, consider the 151 model.

Perfect for smaller backyards, it measures 83" x 63" x 30", holds 182 gallons of water, and can accommodate three people.

Lay back in the lounger which features foot and calf jets for a soothing leg massage.

Its twenty jets are powered by a dual-speed 1.5 horsepower pump and as it's a plug-and-play it doesn't require hardwiring by an electrician so has reduced installation costs compared to a standard hot tub.

This American Whirlpool hot tub comes with plenty of standard features including a filtration system with programmable cycles, LED lighting, overheat/freeze protection, TheraMAAX jets, Therm-Lock insulation, wood frame that has been treated, and a DuraMAAX cabinet.

DM8 Model Swim Spa - Best Swim Spa

American Whirlpool also produces a great range of swim spas. Their largest model, the DM8 measures 218" x 90" x 53".

A perfect choice if want a hot tub but also all the exercise benefits of having a pool plus it can accommodate eight people so you could even use it for entertaining.

With a total of thirty-seven jets and many of the same features as the other American Whirlpool hot tubs, the hot tub end of the swim spa has separate controls so can be enjoyed even whilst the pool end is being used.

Standard features include cascading water features, LED lighting, TheraMAAX jets, drink holders, two cushioned pillows, Northern Exposure® insulation, and a durable steel construction.

Optional extras for this excellent swim spa include the CleanZone® Ultra water sanitation system, Bluetooth sound system, and wifi connectivity. If you are into exercising, the good news is you can also get a swim tether, resistance bands, and rowing oars.

Model Summary


91" x 113" x 38"

87" x 87" x 35"

83" x 63" x 30"

218" x 90" x 53"


10 people

5 people

3 people

8 people

Number Of Jets





Water capacity

714 gallons

347 gallons

182 gallons

1650 gallons


2 x 3hp dual-speed pumps 

2 x 2.5hp one-speed pumps

2 x 3hp dual-speed pumps

1 x 1.5hp dual-speed pump

3 x 3hp dual-speed pumps

1 x 6bhp dual-speed pump for the spa






Best For

Best Large Hot Tub

Best Mid-Sized Hot Tub

Best Plug-And-Play Spa

Best Swim Spa

How Do American Whirlpool Spas Compare To The Competition?

With plenty of great hot tub companies out there such as Jacuzzi and Hot Springs, why should you choose American Whirlpool spas? Let's take a look at some of the advantages of going with this MAAX Spas brand.

Industry Leaders

MAAX Spas are industry leaders when it comes to luxury hot tubs. MAAX Spas have been in business since the late 1960s and over the years has grown and acquired companies like Vita Spa and California Cooperage, eventually merging with the American Bath Group.

The American Whirlpool brand by MAAX Spas offers quality and innovative design with their contemporary whirlpool systems.

Excellent Hydrotherapy

Working with medical professionals, American Whirlpool Spas offers Zone Therapy®. This uses specially placed jets to target certain areas where trigger points of the muscles are located, in order to help ease any pain.

Not only are these tubs great for stress relief and winding down with the heat of the water but this Zone Therapy® system created with input from medical professionals means you can get relief from all sorts of conditions from sports injuries to stiff arthritic joints.

Supreme Comfort

American Whirlpool tubs feature their neck massaging system and the Comfort Collar®. This allows you to maintain a proper posture whilst you enjoy a soothing shoulder and neck massage.

Their hot tub models feature the American Whirlpool ergonomic Performance Seating™ delivering supreme comfort compared to most other hot tubs on the market. These seats are designed to maintain a proper posture whilst providing full-body immersion.

Easy To Service

American Whirlpool spas have a steel construction design which means it's a straightforward process to access the mechanical part and service the whole structure.

Your hot tub can be fully serviced and restored to factory specifications in situ at your home should you wish. The American Whirlpool spas are constructed to the same safety and service standards as other large home appliances.


American Whirlpool offers a lifetime warranty on the steel structure, so any part of the steel frame will be restored to factory specifications or replaced if it is damaged.

A steel frame is also stronger than a wood frame as it is more resistant to corrosion, won't rot or warp, and will last far longer.

The ABS sealed base also helps to keep out any moisture whilst trapping the heat while the hot tub interiors are designed to be resistant to scratches and chemical abuse.

Clean Water

American Whirlpool spas have an exclusive four-step process for the water filtration system. For the first step the weir door helps trap any debris then the First Filter® removes fine particles. The basket traps debris so it can be removed easily and finally the filter with a high water flow cleans the water before returning it to the tub.

The CleanZone® Ultra system uses ozone and UV to kill 99% of germs, the same technology that is used to prepare drinking water, leaving you with incredibly clean water.

Excellent Insulation

You don't have to worry about cold air cooling your water down. Most of the American Whirlpool tubs feature highly effective Northern Exposure® insulation.

This system uses BlueMAAX® insulation, an eco-friendly product made from recycled natural fiber. It contains no irritants and has been treated to prevent pest infestation and mildew.

The recycled natural fiber replaces the foam used in many other hot tub brands which produce chemical compounds that are damaging to the environment.

American Whirlpool makes insulating tub covers to keep your water warm. Their WeatherShield™ fabric is lightweight but able to withstand the weather. American Whirlpool also offers a lifetime warranty on the insulation.

Final Verdict

With a large range of hot tub models and swim spas from luxury feature-rich tubs to more affordable plug-and-play spas, American Whirlpool Spas have something for everyone.

For our final verdict, we think that this famous MAAX Spas brand name offers plenty of great features for hot tubs, alongside durability and style. I hope that our American Whirlpool reviews have helped you find the right American Whirlpool tub.

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