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With dozens of top-notch brands, thousands of models, and a whole heap of different features to choose from, selecting your next spa can become an overwhelming process

If you are not sure where to start, we recommend considering an Artesian Spas hot tub.

Artesian Spas' selection ranges from basic and simplistic spa models to luxury hot tubs with all the bells and whistles. Continue reading to learn all about this brand in order to decide whether or not they're a good fit for you.

Our Favorite Artesian Spas

Pelican Bay Model

Pelican Bay

  • 9 person capacity
  • 71 jets
  • Artesian Elite Line
  • Most luxurious hot tub

Grand Cayman Elite Model

Grand Cayman Elite

  • 7 person capacity
  • 65 jets
  • Island Spas Elite Line
  • Best for families

Santa Cruz Model

Santa Cruz

  • 3 person capacity
  • 33 jets
  • Island Spas Line
  • Best small luxury spa

853DL Deluxe

853DL Deluxe

  • 5 person capacity
  • 53 jets
  • South Seas Spas Line
  • Best for relaxation



  • 6 person capacity
  • 27 jets
  • Garden Spas Line
  • Best plug-and-play hot tub

Buyer's Guide To Artesian Spas Pricing

Artesian Spas sell their products through their authorized dealers, so the prices are not listed on the Artesian Spas website. Prices may vary between dealers in different locations, as this company not only sells in the US but also internationally.

That being said you should be able to pick up a hot tub for around $4,000 for the more basic tubs whilst the fancy luxury spa models can cost $14,000 plus. The most expensive spas are found in the Artesian Elite Line, followed by the Island Spas and Island Elite Spas Line, South Seas Spas Line, whilst the cheaper models are in the Garden Spas Line.

Rather than wasting your precious time trawling through hot tub pricing information, click on the button below to get multiple quotes based on your ideal hot tub setup, from dealers nearby.

What Are The Most Popular Artesian Spas Models?

Artesian Spas are a leading hot manufacturer and its founding partners' combined experience in the spa industry adds up to well over one hundred years.

Their aim was to produce a large range of high-quality, feature-rich hot tubs and they seem to have achieved this with their four distinct hot tub lines: Artesian Elite, Island and Island Spas Elite, South Sea Spas, and the Garden Spa line. Next, let's take a look at some of their best hot tubs.

Pelican Bay - Most Luxurious Spa

The Artesian Elite Line combines technology and luxury with five fabulous spacious models with lots of features.

The enormous Artesian Elite Pelican Bay model measures 108" x 91" x 42'. It is perfect for entertaining whilst delivering a supreme hydrotherapy experience as it has plenty of room, nine seats in total.

This Artesian Spas hot tub has a whopping seventy-one stainless steel jets including powerful foot and neck jets, as well as a lounge seat and water features. Each seat has a DIRECTFLOW Personal Control® System so individual users can adjust the massage settings to their seat.

The Pelican Bay has a 505-gallon water capacity and comes with plenty of excellent features including five powerful 3 BHP pumps and two 0.25 HP pumps, a 5.5 kW heater, LED lighting, topside spa controls, spa cover, WhisperPure™ Water Circulation System, and energy-efficient foam with ABS pan. 

The Monarch Elite Cabinet exterior comes in a choice of four stylish colors and you can also get lots of upgrades for this Artesian spa. These include a wifi module, a large stereo sound system, Midnight Glow LED lighting package, and advanced water purification systems.

Grand Cayman Elite - Best For Families

Part of the Island Spas Line, the Island Elite Spas comprises five Elite models which feature the Artesian Spas DIRECTFLOW Personal Control® System.

The spacious Grand Cayman Elite measures 91" x 91" x 36" and holds 475 gallons of water.

Another good-sized spa, this Artesian Spas hot tub can accommodate seven people so is ideal for families who still want the luxury hydrotherapy features of the more expensive tubs such as the Dual Footblaster jets and DIRECTFLOW System. 

The Grand Cayman Elite comes with a 6 BHP pump and three 3 BHP pumps so still delivers on water pressure. 

Other standard features for this excellent model also include the Kingwood cabinet which is maintenance-free, full foam insulation and ABS base, a 5.5kW heater, color digital control system, WhisperPure™ Circulation System which comes with a microfilter, and a spa light. 

If you want upgrades there are loads available for the Island Elite spas. Choose from some of the following: stereo system, LED lighting, waterfall feature, Permabase, rock cabinetry, wifi module, Ozonator, and more.

Santa Cruz - Best Luxury Small Spa

The Artesian Spas Island Series consists of ten hot tubs.

The three-person Santa Cruz hot tub is a great choice for couples or if you have a smaller space but still want much of the luxurious features and hydrotherapy benefits. 

This Island Spas model measures 84" x 61" x 32" and has a 225-gallon water capacity.

It has an ergonomically shaped lounger seat so you can lay back and relax whilst enjoying a massage from the thirty-three jets which are powered by two 3 BHP pumps. 

Other standard features of this Artesian Spas Island Series hot tub include a 5.5kW heater, digital controls, spa cover, spa light, WhisperPure™ Circulation System plus microfilter, foam insulation, ABS base, and the Kingwood cabinet.

This excellent Artesian Spas hot tub also has various upgrades available such as LED lighting, water features, wifi unit, Ozonator, Permabase, extended warranty, and more.

853DL Deluxe - Best For Relaxation

The attractive South Seas Spas line was designed with performance in mind. With twelve models in the deluxe class and three models in the standard class, the line certainly delivers on choice. 

The 853DL Deluxe Artesian Spas hot tub measures 91" x 91" x 36" and has a 400-gallon water capacity. It features fifty-three stainless steel jets and seating for five people, including two comfortable lounge seats so it is the perfect spa for winding down after a tough day at work. 

This Artesian spa features two pumps, an all-weather spa cover, the ArcticPac insulation, ABS base, Grandwood cabinet, and spa lighting.

You can choose to customize your hot tub with the stereo system, LED lighting package, and more advanced water care systems such as an Ozonator. This tub also comes with ten color options for the spa shell and eight for the cabinet so you can really individualize the spa's look.

Wisteria - Best Plug-And-Play Hot Tub

The Artesian Garden Spas line offers seven delightful plug-and-play hot tubs.

These are ideal if you are on a tight budget as they are cheaper to buy and have lower installation costs since you don't need the services of an electrician for the wiring as they can just be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. 

Artesian Spas Wisteria model is one of the larger sized plug-and-play models which measures 84" x 84" x 36" and has seating for six people.

It has a lounge seat and bucket-style seating for you to relax in whilst it delivers a soothing massage from the twenty-seven jets.

This Artesian Garden Spas hot tub comes with a spa cover, topside digital controls, ArcticPac insulation, ABS base, and a blue color LED light. 

Optional features for this Artesian spa include an Ozonator, full-foam insulation, a heater valve, ten multicolored LED lights, and an extended warranty.

The Grandwood cabinet, which is maintenance-free, comes in a selection of six stylish color options whilst the interior acrylic shell has nine different colors to choose from, so you can customize your color scheme.

Model Summary

Hot Tub Model


Artesian Elite

Island Spas Elite

Island Spas

South Seas Spas

Garden Spas


108" x 91" x 42”

91" x 91" x 36"

84" x 61" x 32"

91" x 91" x 36"

84" x 84" x 36"


9 people

7 people

3 people

5 people

6 people

Number Of Jets






Water capacity

505 gallons

475 gallons

225 gallons

400 gallons

330 gallons


5 x 3.0 BHP 1-Speed pumps,

2 x 0.25 HP 1-Speed pumps

1 x 6.0 BHP 1-Speed pump, 3 x 3.0 BHP 1-Speed pump

2 x 3.0 BHP 1-Speed pump

1 x 5 BHP (2 HP continuous) 2-Speed pump, 1 x 5 BHP (3HP continuous) 1-Speed pump

1 x 1.5 BHP (1.0 HP continuous) 2-Speed pump


Lifetime Structure

7-Year Spa Surface

5-Year Labor, Parts,Electrical & Plumbing,

2-Year for cabinet

Lifetime Structure

7-Year Spa Surface

5-Year Labor, Parts,Electrical & Plumbing

2-Year for cabinet

Lifetime Structure

5-Year Spa Surface

3-Year Labor, Parts,Electrical & Plumbing,

2-Year for cabinet

Lifetime Structure

3-Year Spa Surface

3-Year Labor, Parts,Electrical & Plumbing,

1-Year for cabinet

Lifetime Structure

1-Year Spa Surface

1-Year Labor, Parts,Electrical & Plumbing,

1-Year for cabinet

Best For

Most Luxurious Hot Tub

Best For Families

Best Luxury Small Spa

Best For Relaxation

Best Plug-And-Play Hot Tub

Why Should You Choose An Artesian Hot Tub?

With so many great brands out there, it can be difficult to settle on a particular one. Here are some reasons why an Artesian Spas hot tub is an excellent choice.

Individualized Massage

Artesian Spas offer the innovative DIRECTFLOW Personal Control® System in their high-end luxury lines. This patented technology allows each Artesian spa user to individually control the massage settings to their seat so they can tailor their hydrotherapy and massage experience. This technology is unique to Artesian Spas.

Customizable Spas

All of the Artesian spas have plenty of upgrades you can choose from so you can fully customize your spa with the features you want. The more expensive models have a wider range of optional extras but even the budget hot tubs have features you can opt for plus they have a great selection of color options so you can coordinate your tub's colors with its surroundings.

Good Warranty

Artesian Spas offer a good warranty on their spas, covering the structure, spa surface, plumbing, electrical, parts and labor, and cabinet. Their tubs come with a lifetime warranty on the structure. Generally, the higher-end models have a longer warranty than the plug-and-play and value models. If your Artesian Spas hot tub is from one of the value lines then there is the option to extend the warranty on many of these models.

In Closing

Artesian Spas produce a truly excellent range of hot tubs, from customizable Elite luxury hot tubs to more affordable energy-efficient Artesian Garden Spas models.

The Artesian Spas website is also very user-friendly so you can browse their huge range of models at your leisure. With a great combination of hydrotherapy, luxury, and style you will surely find an Artesian spa to suit your needs.

Artesian Spas also produce a swim spa which is available on the international market. Complete the questionnaire below to get several spa pricing quotes based on your personal preferences from hot tub dealers in your local area.

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