Best Hot Tub Brands

Best Hot Tub Brands

Choosing a new hot tub can take some time. There are plenty of excellent hot tub brands out there, which one should you go with?

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best hot tub brands and what sets them apart from other hot tub brands.

Carry on reading to find out all about the selection of features and hot tub models available from the hot tub industry leaders.

Our Favorite Best Hot Tub Brands


Bullfrog Spas

  • 29 hot tubs & 1 swim spa
  • Best feature: JetPak® therapy system
  • Other top features: FROG® @ease® EOS™, O3 Enhanced Ozone System, SpaVault in-ground hot tub kit

880 Series Optima

Sundance Spas

  • 26 hot tubs
  • Best feature: Fluidix Jet System
  • Other top features: ClearRay UV-C water care system, 980™ MicroClean® Ultra Filtration, clip-on cabinet panels



  • 23 hot tubs & 5 swim spas
  • Best feature: TargetPro™ jets & Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ jets

  • Other top features: Ergonomic seating, SmartTub System, plug-and-play spas

Master Spas LSX_800

Master Spas

  • 21 hot tubs & 16 swim spas
  • Best feature: Michael Phelps endorsed hot tubs and swim spas range
  • Other top features: Master Blaster® foot therapy jets, Master Force™
    Bio-Magnetic Therapy System, EcoPur® Charge Water Purification, & Mast3rPur™
    Water Management System

Marquis Spas Summit

Marquis Spas

  • 25 hot tubs & 6 swim spas
  • Best feature: The "Big Three" (High-flow therapy, ConstantClean+, & Microsilk®)
  • Other top features: Crown MQTouch™ touch screen in color, Bluetooth sound system, JewelLED lighting with multicolored dimmable LED lights.

Hot Spring Hot Tub

Hot Spring Spas

  • 20 hot tubs
  • Best feature: Freshwater® Salt System
  • Other top features: Energy Smart® System, Tri-X filters, patented jets e.g. Moto-Massage DX jets

Cal spas Hawaiian Plus PPZ-631L

Cal Spas

  • 40 hot tubs & 4 swim spas
  • Best feature: Adjustable Therapy System™
  • Other top features: Cal Salt™ Filtration, Whisper Hot™ titanium heater, Puresilk™ Ozonator, Fibersteel™ construction.

Classic Series Crown XL

Nordic Hot Tubs

  • 26 hot tubs
  • Best feature: Dual Therapy System (DTS™)
  • Other top features: Nordic Star™ jets, Northen Lighting™, Nordic Wrap™ insulation, Nordic Clean™ & Nordic Pure™ ozone water care

Caldera Spas Geneva

Caldera Spas

  • 18 hot tubs
  • Best feature: Freshwater® Salt System & FROG® @Ease® water care
  • Other top features: Backlit water features, LED lighting packages, Atlas® neck jets

American Whirlpool 481

American Whirlpool

  • 21 hot tubs & 7 swim spas
  • Best feature: Physician Designed Zone Therapy®
  • Other top features: Northern Exposure® insulation, SmartTouch 2 controls, Comfort Collar, Foot Relief Zone

The 15 Best Hot Tub Brands

To help you find the right hot tub, let's plunge right in and have a close look at the best hot tub brands on the market.

Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas produces a large range of spas and hot tubs in five distinct series and have been providing quality hot tubs for many years.

They offer a total of 30 spa and hot tub models from spacious 10-seaters to compact 3-seaters and are branching out into swim spas.

Bullfrog Spas' hot tubs in the M Series are some of the most high-end luxurious, feature-rich hot tubs on the market while their STIL Series spas, with their elegant contemporary design are some of the most attractive hot tubs out there.

Bullfrog Spas also have some large luxury spas in their slightly less expensive A Series and R Series.

Their less expensive models are found in the X Series, including portable hot tubs and plug-and-play models.

This best hot tub brand offers a unique patented JetPak® therapy system. There are 18 different JetPaks each with its own jet configuration so you can customize your hot tub. This system also uses less tubing and provides virtually leakproof plumbing.

Other great features include the SpaVault in-ground hot tub kit that lets you correctly and safely have your spa installed in-ground. The FROG® @ease® EOS™ and O3 Enhanced Ozone System are excellent for keeping the water crystal clear.

To get more details on this brand, see our Bullfrog Spas reviews page. 

Sundance Spas

Sundance Spas have been producing hot tubs for a long time. They offer 26 fabulous models in 5 collections from compact 2 to 3-seater spas to hot tubs with seating for 6-plus adults.

For uber-luxurious hot tubs, the 980 Series showcases their most feature-rich larger spa models.

Sundance Spas' 880 Series hot tubs also have plenty of great features and have some smaller models included.

The prices become more affordable as you move through the 780 and 680 Series with the Sundance Spas' Splash Series offering the easy-to-install plug-and-play hot tubs. Some hot tub models feature multi-level seating so are a great choice for adults and kids alike.

Sundance Spas' hot tubs have plenty of excellent features. The bearing-less Fluidix jet system requires less maintenance and lasts longer than traditional hot tubs jets plus they offer very fine control.

These energy-efficient hot tubs also have excellent water sanitation with the ClearRay UV-C water care system and 980™ MicroClean® Ultra Filtration System. For ease of service and maintenance, these spas feature clip-on easy access cabinet panels.

Learn more on our Sundance Spas reviews page.


Undoubtedly the most famous name out of all the hot tub companies, Jacuzzi is one of the best brands on the hot tub market. Jacuzzi has four fabulous hot tub collections with a total of 23 models.

They also have a range of swim spas featuring 5 models and even offer other products such as saunas and bathroom fittings.

Whatever your hot tub needs, you will find something suitable in their energy-efficient line-up. They have compact two-seater spas all the way through to larger six-seater hot tub models.

The high-end luxury spas with all the top-notch features are found in their J-400 Designer Collection.

The J-300 Collection focuses on comfort and the J-200 offers many of the classic hot tub features without too many extras. If you have a smaller budget, the Jacuzzi Play Collection features plug-and-play hot tubs.

Jacuzzi hot tubs feature ergonomically designed seating and a unique hydrotherapy system for an excellent spa experience. The balanced jet to pump ratio and jets such as the TargetPro™ jets and Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ jets create the perfect mix of air and water for the ideal massage.

Jacuzzi's SmartTub System lets you control your hot tub from your phone for example you can use it to change the lighting and temperature so your tub is ready for you to enjoy when you get home from work.

Master Spas

One of the top hot tub manufacturers, Master Spas offer some of the best hot tubs and swim spas on the market.

They have 21 energy-efficient tub models and a whopping 16 swim spas in their lineup.

Master Spas hot tubs come in various shapes and sizes with their Twilight Series featuring a corner triangle spa.

Their small hot tubs are three-seaters while their larger tubs can accommodate up to eight adults.

One of Master Spas' best features is that they have a range of hot tubs and swim spas endorsed by the famous Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps so are the ideal choice if you are into exercise and high-quality hydrotherapy.

Master Spas not only produce luxury hot tubs such as the Michael Phelps Legend Series and Twilight Series but also offer more affordable models in the Clarity Spas range while their Getaway Hot Tubs feature a good selection of plug-and-play spas.

Other great features offered by Master Spas include the Master Blaster® foot therapy jets, StressRelief Neck & Shoulder Seat™, Xtreme Therapy™ Seat, Master Force™
Bio-Magnetic Therapy System, good quality hot tub cover, full-foam insulation, EcoPur® Charge Water Purification, and Mast3rPur™ Water Management System for crystal water.

Marquis Spas

Marquis Spas have 25 hot tub models and 6 swim spas on offer including round hot tubs, 2 to 3 seater spas, and larger capacity 10-person spas ideal for partying or exercising.

Marquis Spas' hot tubs offer a truly excellent hot tub experience.

They have three particular features that set them apart from other hot tub brands.

Most hot tubs have these features as standard or as an optional upgrade.

Marquis Spas' "big three" include high flow therapy that delivers large volumes of water at low pressure for a deep massage.

The ConstantClean + water sanitation system is one of the most efficient on the market and Marquis Spas' Microsilk® uses oxygen microbubbles to rejuvenate the skin.

For those of you into working out, Marquis Spas' aquatic training vessels (swim spas), give you all the portability of above-ground hot tubs, an endless pool for swimming laps along with hydrotherapy benefits of a spa. They also allow a whole host of exercises from resistance training to rowing.

Marquis Spas' energy-efficient hot tubs have loads of other excellent features such as specialized massage seats, plenty of color options for the spa shells and hot tub covers, the Crown MQTouch™ touch screen in color, and Bluetooth sound system, JewelLED lighting with multicolored dimmable LED lights.

Hot Spring Spas

Our next hot tub brand is Hot Spring Spas.

This hot tub brand offers twenty models in three distinct collections, Highlife, Limelight, and Hot Spot.

Hot Springs' Highlife collection showcases the Hot Spring high-end models with all the bells and whistles while the Limelight series has a good selection of 7-seater models still with plenty of top features and customizable options.

Hot Springs' Hot Spot collection features more affordable, value hot tubs and plug-and-play models.

Hot Spring offers excellent water care systems. The Hot Spring Freshwater® Salt System generates its own chlorine so you don't have to add loads of extra cleaning chemicals and along with the Tri-X filters, they allow you to spend less time on water maintenance.

If you are concerned about energy efficiency, Hot Springs offer very energy-efficient hot tub features as part of their Energy Smart® system, so whether you go for a hot tub indoors or outdoors, you don't have to worry too much about the temperature.

If you are after customizable hot tubs, Hot Spring also offers a variety of patented jets for a supreme hydrotherapy experience, such as the Moto-Massage DX jets, and there are plenty of color options for the spa covers and shells.

Cal Spas

When it comes to hot tub brands with plenty of choices, Cal Spas do not disappoint. Cal Spas has a whopping 40 hot tubs in their lineup, plus they also manufacture swim spas.

Cal Spas is one of the best hot tub brands if you are after a 6-person hot tub. Although they do offer 3-seat and 5-seat models, the majority of their hot tubs have a six-person capacity.

Cal Spas hot tubs have a couple of exclusive features.

Their patented Adjustable Therapy System™ has a dedicated control panel and pump for each seat allowing each spa user an individualized massage experience set at their desired level of pressure.

Cal Spas' Cal Salt™ filtration creates its own chlorine keeping the spa water super clean and sanitized without the need for loads of extra chemicals.

For energy efficiency, Cal Spas has a great range of features such as their Thermo-Shield™ and Thermo-Layer™ wall and floor insulation along with full-foam insulation to minimize heat losses and save energy.

Other top features of this hot tub brand include the energy-efficient Whisper Hot™ titanium heater, Puresilk™ Ozonator, and Fibersteel™ construction.

Nordic Hot Tubs

Nordic Hot Tubs have a large range of hot tubs, offering 26 models in five different collections. The Luxury Collection features the high-end models while the Sport Edition spas are perfect for relaxing after a workout.

The Modern and Classic Collections offer plenty of great features and options but with more affordable price tags, with the All-in 110V ranges are a comprehensive collection of plug-and-play hot tubs.

Nordic Hot Tubs have smaller two-person tubs all the way up to 8-seater models and they offer round hot tubs if you after a more traditional shape.

Nordic's Dual Therapy System (DTS™) combines large volume whirlpool therapy with direct massage for one of the best hot tub hydrotherapy experiences. Their fully adjustable Nordic Star™ jets also allow you to customize your hot tub experience.

Nordic Hot Tubs offer excellent peace of mind when it comes to reliability and they offer one of the best warranties in the hot tub industry. They cover all their hot tubs with the same level of warranty.

Other top features for these hot tubs include the Northen Lighting™ package, Nordic Wrap™ insulation, Nordic Clean™, and Nordic Pure™ ozone water care systems.

Read more on our Nordic Hot Tubs reviews page. 

Caldera Spas

Caldera Spas are one of the top spa and hot tub manufacturers. They produce 18 hot tubs including a triangular corner spa and have models to fit most budgets.

Caldera Spas have larger 8-seater models down to more compact 2 to 3-seater spas in three distinct collections, the Utopia, Paradise, and Vacanza Series. The Utopia Series hot tubs are luxury tubs and come will all of Caldera Spas' excellent features with the Paradise Series featuring Caldera's middle-of-the-range models. 

The Vacanza Series has some lower-priced hot tubs with plug-and-play options than can be converted to 230V should you wish.

All their hot tubs come with footwell jetting and contoured head pillows for ultimate comfort plus other great hydrotherapy features are available such as the Atlas® neck jets, and hip and wrist jets. 

Also, the LED-lit water features and hot tub lighting create the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

Caldera spas and hot tubs come with either their Freshwater® Salt System for clean and clear spa water or their FROG® @Ease® water sanitation system.

American Whirlpool

Next in our best hot tub brands lineup, we have American Whirlpool by the famous MAAX Spas, which offers an excellent range of swim spas and hot tubs.

This popular hot tub brand has 21 models from 2 to 3 seater hot tubs to high capacity models for 8 or more adults. They also have 7 swim spas in their lineup and produce plug-and-play spas.

American Whirlpool hot tubs offer top-level hydrotherapy and are ideal for a variety of conditions as they feature Physician Designed Zone Therapy® seats with TheraMAAX™ jets. These perfectly designed jets deliver the right amount of pressure at trigger points to help relieve pain.

American Whirlpool uses the Northern Exposure® insulation system, great for heat retention and energy efficiency. Other fabulous features of this hot tub brand include SmartTouch 2 control panel, control valves with ergonomic grips, comfort collars, and foot relief zones.

For more details, check out our American Whirlpool reviews page. 

Catalina Spas

Catalina Spas produce both swim spas and hot tubs. They are best known for their swim spas as they are known as 'the original swim spa company' having built the first one back in the early 80s.

As well as 13 swim spa models, Catalina Spas' have six high-quality, energy-efficient hot tubs in its collection. Catalina Spas' durable luxury hot tubs are available in a variety of sizes from 3-seaters to 7-seater models.

Catalina Spas has several features that create the perfect ambiance for relaxation such as the LED-lit floating crystal balls, water features, backlit jets and cupholders, magnetic pillows, and a Bluetooth sound system.

Catalina Spas' hot tubs come with plenty of excellent features such as Gecko spa controls, Balboa WaveTEC 254 UV sanitizer, and Clear View H-100 Ozone system.

Upgrades for these quality hot tubs include their Fresh Water Mist System, ideal for cooling off on warm days, and a self-extinguishing fire safety feature.


ThermoSpas have 7 fabulous hot tubs in their lineup and 3 swim spa models.

ThermoSpas hot tubs are built with high-quality components and premium engineering features. They are durable, tested rigorously, and offer some of the best warranties in the hot tub industry.

ThermoSpas' energy-efficient hot tubs feature the ThermoSpas® bubble system for a soothing and relaxing hydrotherapy experience.

With a quiet motor, the regulator valve lets you adjust the size of the air bubbles produced and the system even warms the air so you can enjoy your hot tub even on cooler days.

Other great features include a durable titanium water heater, high capacity pumps, ThermoFiltration™, and ThermOzone™ for crystal clear hot tub water.

Continue reading about this brand at our ThermoSpas Reviews page. 

Arctic Spas

If you are after a very energy-efficient hot tub then Arctic Spas' hot tubs are designed for use in the harshest climates in the world.

They are one of the best hot tub brands when it comes to energy efficiency.

Arctic Spas' unique and patented Free Heat System along with the Mylovac insulated cover work together to trap the heat of your hot tub water, saving you money on your energy bills.

Arctic Spas offer 19 hot tubs from compact 2-seater models to spacious 9-person hot tubs.

If you want customizable hot tubs, once you choose your basic hot tub model you can pick which features you want.

The Arctic Spas hot tub shells are made using Aristech® Cast Acrylic and multiple layers of a composite material giving them an enormous amount of strength and durability, so they can withstand the harshest of environments.

Arctic Spas also produce 6 'all-weather pools' or swim spas as well as hot tubs. Top features of these spas and hot tubs include a Gecko control system, titanium heater, high-efficiency pump, no-maintenance cabinetry, water feature, and LED lighting.

PDC Spas

With decades of experience in the spa industry, PDC Spas are one of the best hot tub brands out there. PDC Spas have an excellent range of products to choose from, offering 16 hot tubs and 19 swim spas.

PDC Spas have exclusive features such as Air’assage™ air therapy that delivers a soothing massage with oxygen bubbles to boost skin circulation for a rejuvenating effect. Enjoy the Reflections™ stainless steel hot tub jets which are adjustable plus the targeted shoulder and neck jets deliver an excellent tension-relieving massage.

Other great features you can get for your PDC Spa hot tub include the AccuLok™ thermal cover with lifter, self-cleaning filtration system, LED lighting, spa steps, and Bluetooth sound system.

For their swim spas, they offer the unique patented TruSwim® technology that creates the widest swim current available at 29', with adjustable resistance, ideal for any level of swimmer from learner to advanced level.

Saratoga Spas

Last but not least in our best hot tub brands lineup is Saratoga Spas.

Named after the famous Saratoga Springs in New York they continue the tradition of relaxation and rejuvenation with their fabulous hot tub collection.

Saratoga Spas have 21 spas and hot tubs on offer from small 1 to 2-seater models through to luxury jet-packed 9-person capacity spas. They also have a good variety of shapes including square, rectangular, round, and triangular corner hot tubs.

Saratoga Spas have lots of luxury features available. Their various lighting packages create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing or entertaining.

Enjoy the Luxury Splash™ Lighting System that features bright colors with sequences created with the unique Blast™ LED Moodlight.

If you like to chill out to music or like to party, you can get the Luxury Sound System for your hot tub which has a subwoofer and two speakers.

Other top hot tub features include the Purity Circulation™ Pump, durable low maintenance WeatherAll™ cabinetry, and the ProTegrity™ system for strengthening the spa shell.

Final Verdict

You can't go wrong with any of these 15 top brands. It is just a matter of determining which features and budget you have in mind and then finding the brand that best suits those specific criteria of yours. 

Another helpful option to narrow down the ideal brand is to consider one offered at Costco or Sam's Club. Both wholesale retailers offer great deals and warranties. For more information on this, see our Costco hot tubs and Sam's Club hot tub reviews pages.  

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