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Finding the right hot tub or spa can be a tricky process. There are loads of great brands out there, how do you know which one to go with?

One of the best hot tub manufacturers around, Bullfrog Spas offers an extensive collection of hot tubs from high-end luxury hot tub models with all the fancy features to the more simple plug-and-play spas. Whatever your spa needs, you will surely find something suitable in the Bullfrog Spas' lineup.

Continue reading to learn all about Bullfrog Spas' top models, pricing, and more.

Our Favorite Bullfrog Spas

M Series, M9

M Series, M9

  • Up to 323 jets
  • Dimensions & Capacity: 7’10” x 9’2″ x 38″ with 10 seats
  • Top features: Jetpak Therapy System™ with 7 jet pack seats, EOS™ 03 Premium Water Care System, Premium LED lighting, EnduraFrame™ construction

  • Largest, most luxurious spa


STIL Series, Stil7

  • Up to 176 jets
  • Dimensions & Capacity: 7' 4" x 7' x 34" with 6 seats
  • Top features: Jetpak Therapy System™ with 3 jet pack seats, WellSpring™ circulation pump, STIL™ Water Feature, STIL™ Touch Control Pad

  • Best hot tub design

X Series, Model X5L

X Series, Model X5L

  • 24 or 28 jets depending on the package
  • Dimensions & Capacity: 7′ x 5′ 8″ x 31″ with 3 seats
  • Top features: 120V Plug-and-Play option available, lounge seat, X Comfort Pillows, LED-lit water feature, triple-layer durable spa shell

  • Best small hot tub

How Much Do Bullfrog Spas Cost?

Bullfrog Spas offers five hot tub collections, the X Series Spas, R Series Spas, A Series Spas, STIL Spas, and M Series Spas, with a clear pricing structure.

The X Series features seven lower-priced hot tubs, including portable hot tubs, with a starting price of $8,395. The mid-tier R Series has the premium range of hot tubs. This mid-range R Series also features seven models, starting from $10,495.

Bullfrog Spas luxury tier hot tubs are found in the A Series. There are nine models in this fabulous collection and price tags start at $13,995. Stepping up into the higher pricing bracket we have the two models in the STIL Series which cost $17, 795 and upwards.

The high-tier Bullfrog Spas hot tubs are showcased in the M Series. There are four hot tub models in this series that will put a serious dent in your wallet with a basic starting cost of $24,345.

If you decide to fully customize your Bullfrog Spas hot tub and go for loads of different features, this will increase the overall cost.

You can see that Bullfrog Spas have a hot tub collection to fit most budgets. Do bear in mind that there are also delivery and installation costs to factor in which will vary between customers.

If you are feeling patient and looking for a great Bullfrog Spas Costco deal, they carry this brand at some of their roadshows. This is something you would have to check on the Costco website.

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Front Running Models

Bullfrog Spas offer numerous spas, so to help you with your decision we will take a peek at a selection of the leading Bullfrog Spas hot tubs.

M Series, M9 - Largest, Most Luxurious Spa

If you are ready to pull out all the stops, the M Series M9 is Bullfrog Spas' most luxurious and largest capacity hot tub, featuring lounge and bucket-style seating for ten people.

The elegant-looking M9 spa measures 7’10” x 9’2″ and is 38″ deep, so there is plenty of space to spread out making it ideal for entertaining.

The unique Jetpak Therapy System™ lets you customize your spa. Choose from 18 different interchangeable jet packs, each with its own arrangement of jets for a personalized massage experience. This Bullfrog spa comes with seven jet pack seats and depending on your choices could have up to 323 jets.

Standard features include three powerful dual-speed pumps, a circulation pump, the durable EnduraFrame™ construction, spa cover and spa cover lifter, premium cabinetry, adjustable headrests, premium LED lighting and water features.

The EOS™ 03 Premium water care system with ozone sanitation options and UV-C sanitation options, and the Simplicity™ water filtration systems mean you use fewer hot tub chemicals for cleaning.

Optional extra features are also available such as the M Series Audio systems perfect if you like to chill out to music, and spa steps to help you get in and out again.

STIL Series, STIL7 - Best Hot Tub Design

The STIL Series features two stunning hot tubs with an elegant contemporary design. The STIL7 is the larger of the two models with seating for six people and measures 7' 4" x 7' x 34".

Chill out in a lounge seat or bucket-style seat and enjoy a relaxing massage whilst listening to the soothing sounds of cascading water from the STIL™ water feature.

This Bullfrog spa features targeted, leg, hip, wrist, and foot jets plus, like the M9, it has the Jetpak System. The STIL7 comes with three Jetpak modules and you can choose from six different Jetpak options allowing you to have up to 176 jets in total plus all the settings can be controlled from the user-friendly STIL™ Touchscreen control panel.

Standard features of this beautiful Bullfrog spa include a powerful 4.8 BHP dual-speed pump, the quiet WellSpring™ circulation pump, EternaWood™ cabinet, rigid spa cover, EnduraFrame construction, and dual filter Wellspring system. Optional extras include the STIL™ sound system and Bullfrog Spas premium ozone system.

X Series, Model X5L - Best Small Hot Tub

So far we've looked at some of the high-tier larger Bullfrog Spas hot tubs so next, we are going to take a look at the X Series Model X5L.

Measuring 7′ x 5′ 8″ x 31″ the 3-seater Model X5L is a great choice if you are after a small hot tub, maybe if you are a couple or have limited space for a hot tub, plus if you are on a tight budget, this is also one of Bullfrog Spas' cheaper hot tub models.

One of the best things about Model X5L is that it is available as a 120V plug-and-play spa, making it a good choice as a portable hot tub if you are renting or planning on moving house in the future.

The plug-and-play option also helps to keep installation costs to a minimum as you don't need an electrician to hardwire it, it can just be plugged into a standard electrical socket.

Although this model doesn't come with the Jetpak System it comes with either twenty-four or twenty-eight jets depending on the package you choose, plus it features a lounge seat so you can very much enjoy a relaxing hydrotherapy experience.

Standard features of the Model X5L include the EnduraFrame build, EternaWood™ cabinetry, stainless steel jets, 3-layer durable spa shell, comfort pillows, LED-lit water feature, premium filter, and LED lighting.

There are also plenty of optional extras so you can pick and choose what you actually want, helping to keep costs down. These options include the WellSpring™ circulation pump, UV-C sanitation options, LED-lit hydrotherapy jets, Bluetooth sound system, spa steps, rigid cover, and spa cover lifter.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Bullfrog Spas offer plenty of excellent features. Their unique Jetpak Therapy System™ allows you to individualize your hydrotherapy experience with a choice of 18 interchangeable jet packs with different configurations of massage jets.

Not only does the JetPak Therapy System™ give you all these massage options but this patented system allows Bullfrog hot tubs to use far less plumbing than other hot tubs.

This patented system uses around 90% less tubing resulting in better efficiency and improved hydrotherapy experiences plus it is virtually leak proof.

Bullfrog Spas hot tubs are very durable and reliable. They feature the EnduraFrame™ which is a patented support structure made from a strong molded ABS frame that doesn't use metal or wood so you don't have to worry about rusting or rotting.

Bullfrog Spas offer one of the best warranties in the hot tub industry. Their EnduraFrame™ comes with a lifetime warranty whilst the hot tub shell structure has a ten-year warranty.

If you are after a super cheap hot tub then Bullfrog Spas probably isn't for you since their cheapest starting price is around $8,000. For entry-level hot tub models, it would be best to try elsewhere.

Swim spas are a combination of a pool and spa or hot tub, so you have all benefits of hydrotherapy and a traditional swimming pool in one. Currently, Bullfrog spas only have one swim spa model in their line-up, which is soon to be available through a selection of their dealers. Compared to other hot tubs and swim spa brands, this is a very limited collection.

Competing Brands

Since there are so many other hot tub manufacturers out there before you take the plunge and buy a new spa, it is always worth checking out the competition to make sure you aren't missing out on anything.

Jacuzzi is undoubtedly the most famous name when it comes to hot tubs. They have spa and hot tub collections at similar price points to Bullfrog Spas and also offer numerous great features and customizable options. Jacuzzi also has various other products such as swim spas and bathroom accessories.

Master Spas are another good brand, particularly if you are into exercise and fitness. Not only do they have a huge range of hot tubs, but also a couple of fabulous collections of swim spas. They have a collection endorsed by the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps which is definitely worth a look at if you are thinking of opting for a swim spa rather than a hot tub.

In Closing

Bullfrog International is one of the leading hot tub manufacturers. Bullfrog hot tubs come with plenty of great features with options to customize. They have a large range of spas and hot tubs to fit most budgets and are starting to branch out into producing swim spas.

I do hope our Bullfrog Spas review has helped you to pick the right Bullfrog hot tub. Regardless of the model you do pick, rest assured knowing that this is a very good brand with an excellent reputation.

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