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Buying a new spa can be a confusing process. How do you know which brand to choose? Which model is the best?

Well, look no further. Nordic Hot Tubs offers a large range of great hot tubs. This very reputable spa brand produces high-quality hot tubs with an affordable price tag. From feature-rich luxury spas to plug-n-play models, they have something for everyone.

Come along as we review Nordic Hot Tubs, their fabulous collections, and 5 of their most popular models.

Our Favorite Nordic Hot Tub

Luxury Series Rendezvous XL

Rendezvous XL

  • 8 person capacity
  • 49 jets
  • Luxury Series
  • Best luxury spa

Sport Edition Encore SE

Encore SE

  • 6 person capacity
  • 40 jets
  • Sport Edition Series
  • Best for post-exercise relaxation

Modern Series Retreat MS

Retreat MS

  • 5 person capacity
  • 28 jets
  • Modern Series
  • Best selling spa

Classic Series Crown XL

Crown XL

  • 6 person capacity
  • 30 jets
  • Classic Series
  • Best round spa

D'Amour All-In 110V


  • 2 person capacity
  • 14 jets
  • All-In 110V Series
  • Best value spa

Price Guide: How Much Does A Nordic Hot Tub Cost?

Nordic Hot Tubs don't sell their spas directly to the customers from the website, so their prices aren't listed online. Prices may vary between dealers in different locations around the country, but you can pick up a Nordic hot tub for a relatively low price compared to other hot tub manufacturers. Nordic spas are very affordable costing around $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the model you go for.

When looking at pricing, you should also take into account factors such as installation costs. Plug-n-play models have lower installation bills compared to a standard spa as they don't require an electrician to hardwire them. Delivery charges will also vary depending on how close you are to your Nordic dealer.

Lastly, if you choose any upgrades or accessories for your tub, such as a spa cover or steps, this will increase your final bill.

When it comes to nailing down the best price, save yourself some time and click on the button below. You will get pricing quotes based on your perfect hot tub setup from dealers in your locality. Take advantage of our free service today!

What Are The Most Popular Nordic Hot Tub Models?

Nordic Hot Tubs are a very reputable spa brand with close to thirty years of experience in the spa industry. They offer easy-to-use hot tubs made with high-quality components in five different series; Luxury Series, Sport Edition Series, Modern Series, Classic Series, and the All-in 110V.

Luxury Series Rendezvous XL - Best Luxury Hot Tub

The largest of the three hot tubs in the Nordic Hot Tub Luxury Series, the Rendezvous XL is a luxury eight-seater tub that measures 96" x 84" x 36" and holds 373 gallons of water.

If you are after luxury therapy tubs but are on a limited budget, this model is around half the price of similar models on the market.

For an invigorating hydrotherapy hot tub experience, this model comes with forty-nine stainless steel jets in total, including rotational and whirlpools jets.

Enjoy whirlpool water therapy resembling that found in professional training rooms.

To power all these jets, it has two spa pumps including a two-speed pump, so maintains an excellent jet pressure.

The perfect tub for relaxing with friends and family, it comes with loads of modern features such as Nordic's Dual Therapy System, LED-lit topside control, the Nordic Cascade water feature, the Northern Lights Package, foam insulation, Nordic Clean™ Ozonator, and a 4kW heater.

Plenty of upgrades are available if you wish, such as the Nordic Wrap insulation which is ideal if you live in a cooler climate. If you like to chill to your favorite tunes you can get the Bluetooth stereo, and you can also opt for a wifi pack for your Rendezvous XL.

The durable low-maintenance shell comes in a choice of four colors whilst the Permawood cabinet has four different stylish color options that will suit any backyard or indoor space.

Sport Edition Encore SE - Best Post-Exercise Relaxation

The Nordic Sport Edition Series consists of five excellent models the Retreat SE, Jubilee SE, Stella SE, D'Amour SE, and the Encore SE.

The Encore SE and Jubilee SE are both six-seater spas but the Encore SE has a lounge seat, as does the smaller three-seater Stella SE.

Enjoy the forty stainless steel jets and Nordic DTS Dual Therapy System that delivers a whirlpool stream of water along with direct pressure jets for supreme hot water therapy.

The powerful jets target hips and other joints, making it the perfect model for soothing tired muscles after exercising.

The Encore SE measures 84" x 84" x 35" and has a water capacity of 330 gallons. 

It comes with many of the same features, color options, and optional upgrades as the Rendezvous XL such as the Northern Lights Package, water feature, and ozone generators, but it only has one pump.

Modern Series Retreat MS - Best-Selling Hot Tub

Nordic's Modern Series showcases six spa models with a wide range of sizes, from the charming two-person Bella hot tub to the larger six-seater Encore MS.

The Nordic Retreat MS is the best-selling model in the Nordic brand lineup. Create a cozy sanctuary with this compact yet roomy five-person spa which measures 80" x 70" x 34" and has a 250-gallon water capacity.

It features two comfortable bucket seats along with a bench-style, barrier-free seating area, and has the Nordic DTS Dual Therapy System so you can enjoy an invigorating hydrotherapy experience.

The twenty-eight stainless steel jets ensure a maximum spa experience by targeting specific areas of the body. It comes with an LED wall light and the Northern lights package is an optional extra for this model, as is the Nordic Wrap insulation and Bluetooth stereo.

A great thing about this Nordic hot tub model is that you have the option of getting the 110V setup with the 1kW heater, like a plug-n-play spa, or upgrading to the 220V for a more powerful 4kW heater.

Classic Series Crown XL - Best Round Hot Tub

The Nordic Classic Series is another collection of six delightful round-shaped hot tub models. Models such as the 110V Warrior XL have the 220V upgrade available like the Retreat Modern Series model.

The most luxurious hot tub in this series is the Crown XL. It is the perfect hot tub if you are after a traditional round shape, with an 84" diameter, 38.5" depth, and 330-gallon water capacity.

It features a generous cool down/ step-in seat and thirty Nordic stainless steel jets in total plus Nordic's Dual Therapy System for an excellent spa experience. Other standard features include a 3 horsepower two-speed pump, an LED-lit footwell, topside LED lit controls, foam insulation, hot tub filters, and a 4kW heater.

The extra insulating Nordic Wrap is available, a good idea if you live in a cold place or if you keep your spa in a yard or deck exposed to the elements. Other upgrades include the Bluetooth sound system and the Nordic Mood Lighting Package which creates a wonderful ambiance if you like to use your tub in the evenings.

D'Amour All-In 110V - Best Value Hot Tub

If you are on a tight budget or just want something more portable than a standard spa, consider a model from the Nordic All-In 110V Series which features six plug-and-play models.

The compact Nordic D'Amour is a triangular-shaped two-person hot tub measuring 84" x 72" x 34" with a 205-gallon water capacity. It's a great choice for couples or if you have limited space as it can be squeezed into a corner.

Enjoy a relaxing massage in the Nordic D'Amour from the fourteen jets which can be adjusted using the LED-lit topside control panel. Other standard features for this Nordic hot tub include an LED light in the sidewall, a 1kW heater, one horsepower pump, and foam insulation.

Upgrades are limited but include the Northern Lights Package and the insulating Nordic Wrap. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth stereo is not available for this Nordic hot tub model.

Model Summary

Hot Tub Model


Luxury Series

Sport Edition Series

Modern Series

Classic Series

All-In 110V


96" x 84" x 36"

84" x 84" x 35"

80" x 70" x 34"

84" diameter 38.5" depth

84" x 72" x 34"


8 people

6 people

5 people

6 people

2 people

Number Of Jets






Water capacity

373 gallons

330 gallons

250 gallons

330 gallons

205 gallons


1x 2hp pump (single speed) & 1 x 3hp continuous duty pump (two-speed)

1 x 3hp continuous duty pump (two-speed)

1 x 2hp continuous duty (two-speed)

1 x 3hp continuous duty (two-speed)

1 x 1hp continuous duty (two-speed)




110 V or 220V



Best For

Best Luxury Hot Tub

Best For Post-Exercise Relaxation

Best Selling Hot Tub

Best Round Hot Tub

Best Value Hot Tub

How do Nordic Hot Tubs Compare To The Competition?

With so many spa brands out there, let's delve into some of the pros and cons of choosing a Nordic hot tub over other hot tub brands.

Large & Varied Collection

Nordic offers a very large range of hot tubs, twenty-six models in total, in five distinct series. If you are after luxury tubs you can get one from Nordic but at a much more affordable price compared to contending brands.

For some spas, they also offer the same basic model but in different series with features particular to that series, for example, the Nordic Retreat model is available with the Sport Edition, Modern or All-In 110V setup, as is the older Nordic Escape model.

Some of their plug-and-play models are similar to the Hot Springs Hot Spot Collection. The Hot Spot SX and TX are comparable to the D'Amour All-In 110V and other fairly basic models.

If you are after a spa with one, four, or seven seats specifically then you may have to pick a model with the closest seating arrangement or try a different brand.

This brand also has dealerships all over the country and their manufacturing plant and factory outlet is in Grand Rapids, MI.

110V or 220V

Several of the Nordic Hot Tubs models are available as 110V models but have the option of easily being upgraded to 220V if you want more power and heating. Upgrading does involve the services of an electrician so it will cost more for the installation.

This does give you more flexibility when choosing your tub. Examples of these models are the Bella hot tub and the Nordic Retreat MS.


Nordic Hot Tubs offer decent length warranties. They offer a lifetime limited warranty for Permashell interior for the lifetime of the first owner of the spa. This only applies if it is still owned by that original purchaser.

They offer a ten-year limited warranty on the Permawood exterior cabinet, five years on the heater, three years on the Nordic hot tub parts, and other miscellaneous plumbing parts such as if you get a broken pump, and a three-year no leaks warranty.

In Closing

Nordic sells a very large range of well-constructed tubs with reliable spa performance. With large-sized luxury models and compact plug-and-play hot tubs, they are likely to have a model to suit most tastes. The best part is that all the Nordic tubs are very affordable.

Now we've looked at some of the best hot tubs in the Nordic lineup, I hope our Nordic hot tubs reviews have helped you decide which one of the Nordic tubs to go for.

Don't completely ruin your day by wasting your time trying to find hot tub dealers in your neighborhood, fill out the questionnaire below and you will get multiple free quotes from nearby dealers, based on what you are looking for in a spa.

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