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Sundance Spas Reviews
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If you've looked into Sundance Spas hot tubs, you may already know they are part of the Jacuzzi brand umbrella. But how do they stack up against Jacuzzi spa models and what are their unique selling points?

Buying a hot tub is complicated. With so many models to choose from it's hard to identify the best balance between quality and price.

Sundance Spas are a popular choice and their website lists plenty of supposed benefits and premium features. Let us take you behind the marketing for a better idea about whether Sundance is the right choice for your new hot tub purchase.

Our Favorite Sundance Spas

980 Series Kingston

980 Series Kingston

  • Seats six adults comfortably
  • 57 Fluidix jets plus Silent Air and SunScents Aromatherapy jets
  • SunCooler storage deck

  • MicroClean Ultra and ClearRay UV-C

880 Series Optima

880 Series Optima

  • Rang of different seat depths
  • AccuSsage seats with advanced hip massage
  • iTouch control panel

  • Illuminated grab bars

680 Series Payton

680 Series Payton

  • Soothing lounge seat massage
  • Wrist and foot jets
  • Sundance quality water care

  • Excellent value for money

How Much Do Sundance Spas Cost?

Sundance Spas' prices depend on the size of the hot tub and the spa functions and features you are looking for. Hot tubs are generally categorized into several price ranges and Sundance has spa models in all of these.

Hot tubs are considered as Entry-level if they cost less than $6000. Three Sundance Spas hot tubs fall into this category. Entry-level hot tubs are usually simple, plug-and-play units, powered by a standard 110/120V outlet but relatively small and with a limited number of hydrotherapy jets.

Mid-level hot tubs fall between $6000-$10000 and have more powerful pumps and a higher number of jets than Entry-level spas. The Sundance Spas 680 Series has four tubs in this category, with seating for up to six adults.

The remainder of the 680 Series spas, as well as some models in the 780 Series, fit into the Premium ($10000-$14000) price category. At this level, expect high-quality hot tub products with multiple hydrotherapy jet types, advanced water care features, and hard-wearing acrylic shell construction.

However, most designs from the Sundance Spas hot tub catalog are very much luxury models. Priced from $14000-$24000 (plus premium optional accessories), these top-end tubs have it all: additional seating space, advanced water care and filtration system options e.g. UV-C technology, Sundance's patented Fluidix jets, and excellent energy efficiency.

If you want specific prices on available models in your area, these are usually only available through a local dealer. By clicking the button below, you can get your preferences and contact details passed on to the most reputable hot tub providers in your area and receive their lowest quotes by return.

Front Running Models

Most Luxurious - 980 Series Kingston

The 980 Series contains Sundance Spas' highest spec hot tubs. Out of these, the Kingston is the largest, comfortably seating six adults in spacious massage seats.

Customer reviews rave about the general quality as well as several specific features and most give an overall rating of five stars.

Hydrotherapy Features

The quality of massage offered by a Sundance hot tub is hard to beat.

The main thing that stands out for hydrotherapy is the patented Fluidix jets, which use an adjustable system of power delivery and water to air ratios to simulate anything from deep tissue massage to gentle relaxation without needing a whole range of different jet types.

The Kingston features 57 of these jets, in extensive configurations designed to hit more pressure points (especially in the back and legs) than most models from other brands' luxury ranges. In addition to the main massage jets, the Kingston spa also features Silent Air and SunScents aromatherapy jets to make the overall experience even more memorable.

Water Care and Sanitization

Water quality is another big selling point for Sundance Spas. The Kingston hot tub uses a Slipstream skimmer and MicroClean Ultra cartridge filter to remove unwanted particles, while ClearRay UV-C technology kills waterborne pathogens without being fully reliant on high levels of chlorine or other hot tub chemicals.

Other Design Features

One of my favorite features of Sundance 980 Series spas is the SunCooler/deck section. The extensive built-in cold storage doubles up as a seating area for anyone who wants to hang out without getting into the spa.

Other key design features include the Multicolor Sunglow LED lighting, used to highlight the SunCoolers, seats, and waterfall features. There is also exterior corner lighting on the cabinet to further enhance the style of the hot tub.

Best Seating Configuration - 880 Series Optima

Although a step down in price from the 980 Series spas, A Sundance Spa in the 880 Series still has most of the premium features you'd expect. The Optima hot tub stands out as having multi-level seating which makes it suitable for the whole family, regardless of height.

Hydrotherapy Massage

In addition to different seat heights, the Optima hot tub has some unique Fluidix jet configurations. The AccuSsage seats are especially effective and include hip massage jets to help with joint pain.

The Optima also has the most head and neck hydrotherapy jets of any Sundance Spas hot tub, and a jetted dome set on the floor to provide foot massage regardless of which seat you are using.

As with all Premium and Luxury Sundance Spas, the Optima uses the intuitive i-Touch control panel. Icon-driven menus make it easy to adjust the hydrotherapy settings, lighting, and even regulate energy efficiency in the heater and jets. If that weren't enough, the i-Touch system is fully compatible with the SmartTub app, allowing you to control your spa remotely.

Other Key Features

880 Series Sundance Spas use the same advanced watercare features as the 980 Series models, although the Slipstream skimmer is in a different, "weir" configuration. They also share some features in terms of the lighting and included water features.

One nice feature of the Optima is the illuminated grab bars on the cabinet. These are designed to make getting safely in and out of the spa easier, even at night.

Best Value Lounger Spa - 680 Series Payton

680 Series hot tubs offer significant savings compared to the Luxury spas I've included in these reviews.

However, models such as the Payton demonstrate that Sundance Spas know what they can and can't cut back on to balance purchase price against product quality.

The Payton is very much still a Mid-level rather than Entry-level hot tub, but from the specification you could easily expect this spa to fall into the Premium category.

The Payton has an average rating of 4.3/5 according to customer reviews on the Sundance Spas website, and has more reviews than most other models to back up that rating.

Massage Seats

The 680 Series Payton hot tub has room to seat 6. The configuration includes a lounge seat with jets for everything from your neck to your feet and even the wrists. The jets are a little more sparse in some seating positions than in the more expensive Sundance Spa series, but they're still focused exactly where you need them the most.

Other Features

While you won't find all the flashy stuff in a 680 Series Sundance Spas model (no illuminated grab bars, built-in coolers, or i-Touch controls), the basics are done very well indeed. You still get a ClearRay UV-C and filtration system, pleasant lighting and water features, and a high-quality construction to both the shell and cabinet.

Benefits and Downsides

Technically, Sundance spas are excellent. Powerful pumps, quality jets, and lots of clever design features are all combined with great build quality and a five year warranty on the shell as a minimum (880 and 980 Series spas have a ten year warranty).

A few customer reviews have expressed dissatisfaction with customer service, saying it can take a couple weeks to get a suitable response from an initial service call. However, this is often more to do with the service arrangement with a particular dealer than the fault of the Sundance Spas customer service department themselves. Always look into who you are buying from as well as the manufacturer.

Competing Brands

Jacuzzi Vs Sundance

Although Jacuzzi brand hot tubs are owned by the same parent company as Sundance Spas, it's important to understand the difference and why Sundance are branded separately.

The two companies started out separately before being brought together under the same umbrella.

This means they were designed with distinct features and technologies (although some of these are now being shared).

Where the tech does differ, Sundance Spas appear to have the edge. One example is in the patented Fluidix jets found in Sundance Spas models.

These don't use bearings so are much easier to keep properly maintained than Jacuzzi jets.

At the same time, they use controllable mixtures of air and water so simulate different types of massage.

An example of shared tech is in the cartridge-based ClearRay filtration system used by both Sundance and Jacuzzi brand hot tubs. The combination of this with UV-C technology helps neutralize waterborne pathogens and keep the spa water crystal clear with much less hassle than most brands.

Sundance Vs Hot Spring

Hot Spring are another well known company producing high quality hot tub models. I've included Hot Springs here because they have a similar level of specification to Sundance Spas hot tubs and the choice between the two comes down to a couple of specific factors.

One contrast between Hot Springs and Sundance spas is the styling. This may not be your biggest consideration but it's important to consider how the shell color and style of a hot tub will match with your chosen setting.

Hot Springs have a more angular, ultramodern look compared to the softer lines of a Sundance spa. The other major difference is in how waterborne pathogens are dealt with. 

Sundance Spas use fresh water UV-C sanitization, while Hot Springs offer a saltwater system on most models. Some users prefer the feel of salt water on their skin, while others may be sensitive to it. 

If you're not sure whether you'd prefer a salt water or fresh water spa, you might want to visit the dealer and ask for a free soak test before committing to buy.

This is definitely more a matter of personal choice rather than which brand is "best".

In Closing

Sundance spas have earned their excellent customer reviews and are well worth considering if you're serious about owning a hot tub.

However, it's not so easy to find specific prices listed for comparison, since pricing details vary by location. If you want to make the most informed decision possible, simply fill out the form below. Dealers in your area will contact you with the best price packages they can offer on the purchase and installation of exactly the sorts of hot tubs you are looking for.

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