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Thermospas Reviews
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Not sure which ThermoSpas hot tub to go for? They do after all, have a great selection of models. But which one should you go for?

As leaders in the hot tub industry, ThermoSpas offers decades of experience and this is reflected in their fabulous hot tub range. They can deliver when it comes to hydrotherapy, aesthetics, choice, and functional design.

To help answer any further questions you might have, read on to learn more about this excellent hot tub and spa brand.

Our Favorite Thermospas

Manhattan II

Manhattan II

  • 45 to 125 jets
  • Seats 6 to 8 adults
  • Top features: Total Control Therapy Package, pillow jets, SoftSeat Easy Entry System, ThermoBoard™ Cabinetry

  • Most luxurious hot tub

Park Avenue

Park Avenue

  • 42 to 118 jets
  • Seats 5 adults
  • Top features: Double width reversible lounge seat, pillow jets, titanium water heater, underwater LED lighting

  • Best selling hot tub



  • 24 to 34 jets
  • Seats 2 to 4 adults
  • Top features: Contoured seats with armrests, wide lounge seat, ThermoBlanket™, LED lighting

  • Best smaller-sized hot tub



  • 38 to 72 jets
  • Seats 7 adults
  • Top features: Deep hot tub, exercise kit, stainless steel grab bar, SoftStride flooring

  • Best for exercise and fitness

How Much Do Thermospas Cost?

Like many spa companies, ThermoSpas don't list their prices online and you have to contact them for a quote. Since they offer plenty of customization options and a 'design your own' spa function, prices will vary between customers depending on the model and additional features chosen.

ThermoSpas do offer hot tubs in a wide variety of pricing categories. You can pick a ThermoSpas hot tub up for as little as around $4,000 to $5,000 for smaller more basic hot tub models.

The more expensive ThermoSpas hot tubs could cost as much as $22,000 or more. They also produce a range of swim spas that range in price from about $12,000 to $33,000 plus.

Don't forget other expenses such as delivery charges and hot tub installation costs which could be anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

You can save yourself the hassle of trying to get spa pricing details by clicking on the button below. You will get several free quotes based on your ideal spa setup from local dealerships.

Front Running Models

ThermoSpas offers four spa series, the Aquatic, Designer, Executive, and Fitness Series. In order to help you find the perfect spa for your backyard, let's take a look at some of the leading ThermoSpas hot tubs.

Manhattan II - Most Luxurious Hot Tub

Found in the Executive Series, the Manhattan II is ThermoSpas' largest hot tub measuring 93”x93” and 38.75” deep with seating for up to eight adults.

The luxurious hot tub features multiple hydrotherapy seats with varying jet configurations for the ultimate spa experience. Lay back and relax in the extra wide lounger seat with a cushioned pillow, or go for one of the corner therapy seats which have illuminated grab bars to help with mobility.

Enjoy a soothing shoulder and neck massage with ThermoSpas' patented pillow jets that produce a cascade of warm water to the those areas of tension. The Total Control Therapy system also allows each spa user to control the massage jets to their individual seat.

It features two whirlpool jets for a strong massage to the feet. In total, this model can have forty-five to one hundred and twenty-five stainless steel jets, depending on the jet configurations your choose.

This more expensive hot tub features the SoftSeat Easy Entry System that includes non-slip flooring and step, grab bars, and cushioned edge. Other features of this acrylic hot tub include a status indicator light, ThermoBoard™ cabinet, ThermoInsulation™ system, LED lighting, insulated spa cover, and spa cover lifter.

If you want to upgrade your hot tub, there are plenty of optional extras in addition to the plethora of standard features this tub comes with.

You can get features such as exterior lighting and the deluxe led lighting package, EasyTouch control panel, SmartTub™ System that allows you to control your tub using a smartphone, air bubbling systems, and ThermOzone™ System.

Park Avenue - Best Selling Hot Tub

The Designer Series Park Avenue hot tub is one of ThermoSpas' most popular models. Park Avenue measures 95”x80” with a depth of 38” and has seating for five adults, making it perfect for entertaining, relaxing, or family fun.

This versatile hot tub features a double-width reversible lounge seat that has soft pillows at each end so two people can lie either facing each other or side by side.

It has built-in therapy seats with pillow jets and a deep footwell with whirlpool jets for a truly soothing hydrotherapy massage.

When it comes to jet configurations this hot tub model comes with forty-two to one hundred and eighteen jets depending on your choices. 

It has plenty of standard features such as stunning underwater LED lighting, a durable titanium water heater, a ThermoBoard™ cabinet, a protective rail, a manifold plumbing system, and a ThermoFiltration™ system.

The ThermoInsulation™ system and thermal spa cover work together to help with energy savings plus there are several extra features you can get for this hot tub. These include the Total Control Therapy System, deluxe LED lighting package, stainless steel jets, and ozone water care system.

Maui - Best Smaller-Sized Hot Tub

If you are after something more compact, say if you have limited space or are a couple, then take a look at the Aquatic Series, Maui.

This smaller hot tub that can be passed through a standard doorway can accommodate two to three people and measures 86”x65” with a depth of 34”.

This energy-efficient ThermoSpas hot tub features a spacious lounge seat and a deep hydrotherapy seat, with contoured armrests.

It has pillow jets, swirl jets, and can have from twenty-four to thirty-four jets in total depending on the setup you go for.

Standard features of this ThermoSpas hot tub include a titanium water heater, underwater LED lighting, quietening ThermoBlanket™, decorative rail, acrylic spa shell, full insulation, and insulated spa cover.

The ThermoBoard™ cabinet is available in three lovely color options and the spa shell comes in five stylish colors, so you can coordinate your hot tub with its surroundings.

Other features that you can get to upgrade this small spa include the Total Control Therapy system, spa steps, ozone system, and the deluxe LED lighting package.

Aquacisor - Best For Exercise & Fitness

ThermoSpas' Fitness Series features three swim spa models and the Aquacisor hot tub.

If you are into keeping fit and aquatic exercise but maybe don't have the space for a full-sized swim spa, you might want to consider the Aquacisor.

This very deep hot tub measures 91”x86” and is 48.75” deep, and can accommodate seven adults. This tub offers a luxurious hot tub and gym in one convenient space.

This ThermoSpas hot tub features ergonomically shaped seats with soft pillows and the Total Control Therapy system for individual seat control, as well as pillow jets for neck and shoulder massages.

The very deep footwell along with the powerful high-velocity water current creates resistance so you can walk or jog in the tub for a low-impact workout.

The SoftStride non-slip matting and stainless steel grab bar help you carry out your aquatic exercises and this tub also comes with an exercise equipment kit that allows you to do a load of different workouts such as strength training.

The Aquacisor comes with thirty-eight to seventy-two stainless steel jets and many other luxury features such as the deluxe LED lighting package, ThermoFlex™ Exercise jets, color control panel, locking spa cover, programmable filtration, layered insulation, UV-resistant cabinet, and more.

Benefits and Downsides

Spa industry leaders, ThermoSpas have been producing high-quality hot tubs and hot tub products since the early 1980s.

They have been recognized by bodies such as the Better Business Bureau, and the National Spa and Pool Institute for providing accurate and transparent information to its customers. Plus, ThermoSpas is the only hot tub manufacturer to get approval from the National Arthritis Foundation in terms of ease of use.

ThermoSpas offers a free site inspection by a friendly sales person. This comes with no obligation to buy and a pricing quote that is valid for a year, which is ideal if you aren't too sure about where to put your hot tub and if your site would require any preparation to make it suitable for a spa.

Many ThermoSpas' customer experience support their great rating from the Better Business Bureau. They have had excellent reviews from many satisfied customers over the years and have a responsive customer service department.

ThermoSpas also offer some of the best extended warranties in the spa industry and have detailed warranty information available on the website.

They have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website and a few complaints which were relating to getting hold of cleaning chemicals rather than the spas themselves. High demand for some ThermoSpas parts may have led to delays for some customers.

Since ThermoSpas sell directly to their customers you won't be able to wet test or see the spas in person, but this also helps keep their prices more affordable than some other similar brands.

Competing Brands

Before you make your own investment in one of ThermoSpas models, it's a good idea to check out their competition.

One of the big names in the hot tub industry is Jacuzzi. They offer a range of hot tub products with similar price points as ThermoSpas plus they have plug-and-play spas if you are after something more portable.

They have a great range of swim spas if you are into exercising and branch out into other products such as bathroom accessories.

Hot Spring produces an excellent range of hot tubs from smaller more basic models to high-end luxury hot tubs will all the bells and whistles.

They have a larger range than ThermoSpas and their FreshWater Salt System is available on most of their models, allowing you to use fewer cleaning chemicals to maintain the spa water.

In Closing

ThermoSpas offers a great range of hot tubs from super luxurious models with loads of fancy features and compact hot tubs to regular swim spas and the unique deep Aquacisor swim spa pool.

I certainly hope that our ThermoSpas reviews have helped you come to a decision about which ThermoSpas hot tub to go for.

Don't waste your time trying to pin down a dealer for pricing information. Instead, fill out the questionnaire below and we will send you a bunch of quotes from nearby spa dealers, all based on your perfect spa setup.

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