Tuff Spas Reviews

Tuff Spas Reviews
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So you've heard that Tuff Spas really do live up to their name. Next comes selecting the perfect model for you from the Tuff Spa's lineup. 

We'll explain everything you need to know about 4 of this brand's best selling models. This way, you can determine which machine has the exact features you're looking for and you will be that much closer to finding the hot tub of your dreams.

Let's get started!

Our Favorite Tuff Spas

TT650 Platinum

TT650 Platinum

  • 5 person capacity
  • 50 jets
  • Best large-sized hot tub

TT250 Platinum

TT250 Platinum

  • 4 person capacity
  • 30 jets
  • Best small spa

TT450 Platinum


  • Max. 7 person capacity
  • 22 jets
  • Best for families



  • 2 person capacity
  • 22 jets
  • Best budget spa

Buyer's Guide To Tuff Spas Pricing

Tuff Spas are very affordable so they are the perfect choice for those with a small budget. They don't list the prices on the website, you have to contact the company for a quote.

Expect to pay around $3,000 for smaller models in the Standard Collection, with prices rising to about $7,000 for the larger hot tubs in the Platinum Collection.

More good news is that this hot tub brand offers financing and will even consider customers with bad credit.

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What Are The Most Popular Tuff Spas Models?

The Tuff Spa tubs come in two distinct collections: Standard and Platinum. Next, let's review some of Tuff Spas' most popular models.

TT650 Platinum - Best Large-Sized Hot Tub

Tuff Spas' largest most feature-rich hot tub, the TT650 Platinum measures 77”x 77”x 29.5” and has a 300-gallon water capacity.

This quality tub can accommodate five people so it is ideal for entertaining. It has fifty jets in total so delivers a great massage and hydrotherapy experience plus it has different styles of seating including bucket seats and a lounge seat for ultimate relaxation.

Standard features for this tub include a 4kW heater, two 4 bhp pumps, multicolored LED lights, the Tuff Top cover, and the multicolor Stack Stone exterior panels.

This model has removable Blue sTUFF insulation and a large access panel so the plumbing is easy to service or repair. 

It also features a solid base that helps trap the heat and keep any pests out.

The interior spa shell comes in a choice of four colors whilst the external panels are available in six stylish color schemes.

This Tuff Spas model comes with a lifetime warranty on the cover and shell, a 5-year warranty on the structure, major plumbing and electrics, and a 6-month warranty on the labor.

TT250 Platinum - Best Small Hot Tub

The delightful TT250 Platinum hot tub is perfect for smaller backyards or couples.

This rectangular-shaped tub measures 77″ x 60″ x 29.5″ and holds 250 gallons of water.

Relax and enjoy a soothing massage as the thirty powerful jets give you a full body massage.

This Tuff Spas hot tub comes with multicolored LED lighting, a 4kW heater, a 4bhp pump, and a Tuff Top spa cover.

Like the other two spa models in the Platinum collection, it features a large access panel on the side and removable Blue sTUFF insulation so it's straightforward to get to the plumbing and non-electrical mechanical parts, plus it has a solid base for better insulation. It is also available in the same color options.

This Tuff Spas model comes with the same length warranty as the TT450 Platinum model.

TT450 - Best For Families

The TT450 features in Tuff Spas' Standard collection.

This model is ideal for families on a budget or if you want a larger model without the price tag of the Platinum spas.

The TT450 can accommodate between four and seven adults depending on how much you like to spread out when relaxing.

It has twenty-two jets powered by a two-horse pump and a 4kW heater and it comes with a Tuff Top tub cover and digital controls with a light.

This deep hot tub model can hold 350 gallons of water and measures 77” x 77” x 35”. It also comes in the same color options as the spas in the Platinum collection.

The TT450 comes with a lifetime warranty on the cover and shell, a 5-year warranty on the structure, a 2-year warranty on the major plumbing and electrical such as the master control center, and 6 months on the labor.

TT150 - Best Budget Spa

Tuff Spas' smallest model, the TT150 is the perfect choice for those with limited space or small budgets.

This quality two-seater Tuff spa measures 77″ x 52″ x 27″ and can hold 150 gallons of water. Relax alongside a loved one in the lounge seats featuring a total of twenty-two massage jets.

Standard features for this model are limited but include a 4kW heater, 2.0 horsepower pump, the Tuff Top cover, digital display controls, and light. It comes in the same color options as all the other Tuff Spa models.

This Tuff Spas model comes with the same warranty as the other Standard Collection model we have reviewed, the TT450.

Model Summary


77”L x 77”W x 29.5”H

77″L x 60″W x 29.5″H

77”L x 77”W x 35”H

77″ Lx 52″ Wx 27″ H


5 people

2 to 4 people

4 to 7 people

2 people

Number Of Jets





Water capacity

300 gallons

250 gallons

350 gallons

150 gallons


2 – 4 bHP Pumps

4.0 bHP Pump

2.0 hp Pump

2.0 hp Pump


Shell & Cover: Lifetime

Major Plumbing & Electrical: 5 Years

Structure: 5 Years

Labor: 6 Months

Shell & Cover: Lifetime

Major Plumbing & Electrical: 5 Years

Structure: 5 Years

Labor: 6 Months

Shell & Cover: Lifetime

Major Plumbing & Electrical: 2 Years

Structure: 5 Years

Labor: 6 Months

Shell & Cover: Lifetime

Major Plumbing & Electrical: 2 Years

Structure: 5 Years

Labor: 6 Months

Best For

Best Large-Sized Hot Tub

Best Small Spa

Best For Families

Best Budget Spa

What Do People Like & Dislike About Tuff Spas?

Now you have read our review of some of the Tuff Spas models, let's see what people like and dislike most about this brand and their tubs.

Affordable Price

Tuff Spas specialize in manufacturing rotomolded hot tubs which have good structural integrity and are very durable at an affordable price.

These are great hot tubs if you are on a tight budget and aren't too fussed about having loads of fancy features. That being said, Tuff Spas may not be the best choice if you want high-end luxury.

Tuff Spas also offer in-house finance options and will consider customers with all sorts of credit ratings.

Tuff Top Cover

Tuff Spas' starring feature is the Tuff Top cover which is the only hardtop cover with a patent in the world. It has a lifetime warranty so doesn't need replacing like standard vinyl spa covers.

The Tuff Top cover is insulated and seals for maximum heat retention plus it is easy to open and close, so you won't need help to remove it. Since it is a hardcover it doesn't sag or rot and it has patented channels that help water loss so it doesn't pool on the top after it has rained.

When the cover is opened out it doubles as a bar or shelf so you can rest drinks on it and it can actually support over a thousand pounds in weight. It also opens out sideways so doesn't obstruct your view of the surrounding area at all.

Environmentally Conscious

Tuff Spas' insulation, Blue sTUFF is manufactured using recycled denim. This sustainable insulation is completely made from natural fibers and is excellent at preventing heat loss plus it doesn't cause any skin problems if you accidentally touch it.

During the Tuff Spas manufacturing process, all their waste materials are reused or recycled. Tuff Spas also do not use many of the harmful chemicals that many other companies use in their manufacturing processes such as volatile organic compounds, resin, and urethane.

Their spas are also designed with energy efficiency in mind, with the insulating hardcover and heat-retaining spa shell.


All the Tuff Spas are plug-and-plays. This means they can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet and be ready to use.

This means you can save lots of money when it comes to installation costs as you won't need an electrician to do the wiring.


Tuff Spas offer pretty standard warranties. Many of these are limited warranties so make sure you read the small print as once it has been purchased and used it may be too late to change your mind.

Unlike full warranties, limited warranties have associated restrictions which means not all of your spa's problems may be covered.

The warranties are also non-transferable so they are only valid if you are the spa's original owner, i.e. the warranties would be void if it is purchased second-hand.

In Closing

Tuff Spas offer a selection of seven very affordable spas. Their Platinum Collection has some decent features but if it's high-end luxury and gadgets you are after, then this may not be the brand for you.

Tuff Spas' Standard Collection offers very basic models and is perfect if you have a small budget. Also, the Tuff Top cover is a unique feature to these spas and the company seems to be environmentally conscious.

I hope our Tuff Spas reviews have helped you to decide which model to pick. This company has had some very good customer reviews over the years.

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